Focussed Prayer

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This is a great course to learn how to apply truths of the Bible to your daily prayers. Consider how to be more Biblical in your prayers about God, the Church, confession of sin, supplication for needs and thanksgiving for all things. Please note there are different modules available.

The purpose of the seminar is to assist believers in the content of their prayers during their daily prayer time. The focus of the content is the Bible itself. At present there are different formats available as a basis for the “Focussed Prayer” course. The following modules are available:

-the purpose of the church based on Acts 2:42,47
-the attributes of God
-the spiritual growth of fellow believers based the Sermon on the Mount
6-8 hrs.
3-4 hrs.
3-4 hrs.

There is a workshop component to these sessions in which participants will spend time praying through the format introduced in the teaching time. Also, once the format is understood it can be personally adapted utilizing other portions of Scripture.

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