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Here are some links to some ministries and other organizations that we appreciate very much as they provide biblically sound resources for life-long discipleship and growth in the Lord.

This is a long-established bible college in Saskatchewan with a history of sound doctrine and teaching. The college has recently added a campus at Sunnybrae, BC.

This is John MacArthur’s home church. The Grace Books International has a wide array of resources that provide solid Biblical teaching. You can access them through the 1-800 number.

This is the website for John MacArthur’s internet and radio ministry, Grace to You. In addition to the resources that are available I highly recommend that you join their mailing list. They provide a CD or DVD once a month, which has a selected message by John. I have collected books, DVDs and CDs over the years and I have listened to several more than once as well as loaned them out to others.

**Please note that you can see Canada-specific content by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting “Canada” from the drop down box.

Don Whitney’s site has many useful resources that are primarily practical. He has pastored and taught in seminary as well as writing several books related to the Christian walk. He has organized the site so that you can download some of the material for use immediately.

This is John Piper’s website that arose of his writing and speaking ministry. You will be challenged regularly to glorify God by being satisfied with Jesus Christ alone.

John Piper preaching solid, Biblical doctrine with consistently challenging applications. He has been pastoring at Bethlehem Baptist church in Minnesota for several years. His ministry, “Desiring God” is also included on this list with many helpful resources.

James White has an excellent ministry of apologetics from a Reformed baptistic perspective. Again, there are resources from that area of ministry on this site.

At 9Marks, you can find books, articles, and book reviews. The ministry also hosts conferences, records interviews, and consults with church leaders regarding what comprises and fosters a healthy church. In short, they do everything they can to help pastors, future pastors, and church members see what a biblical church looks like, and to take practical steps to becoming one.

This is another excellent resource that focuses on the Biblical teaching of the roles of men and women in the church and home. The name given to this teaching is “complementarianism”. It means that God has designed men and women to have different roles or functions within the church and home. There are other very helpful materials as well such as the issue of translations, especially gender neutral translations and parenting resources.

This is a ministry that arose out of a significant movement in the Southern Baptists in the States toward the sovereign grace of God. There are many solid men pastoring in churches and serving in key seminaries in the Southern Baptist that align with this Biblical teaching. They have had a significant impact on the Southern Baptist denomination. The Founders Ministry also provides training online primarily for those men going into the pastorate but others as well through their Founders Study Centre. I have mentored with them in the past.

One of the most well known evangelical preachers of all time, Charles Spurgeon. There are resources here that will both encourage and challenge you.

Tony Capoccia started this ministry by transcribing John MacArthur’s sermons. These can be accessed from this sight as well as many other articles and Bible study tools. There is an inexpensive CD that can be purchased for home use also.

There are many sites with free resources that utilize the internet and e-sword is one of them. But this ministry provides an excellent Bible study CD that is quite inexpensive and many of the online resources can be downloaded after purchase. It is possible to down load many of the resources online but for a donation you can have the resources any time.